Friday, February 24, 2012

Dashboard for the consumer electronics show

Our friends at Bay Area Exhibits, called us and asked if we could make a dash board,
that could highlight a product for their customer's electronics. This was for the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.
They sent us this image and asked if we could replicate this as a tactile display, and stay within a specific budget and short lead time.
In order to stay within their budget and time line we suggested that we get a used modern dashboard.

We took images of several dashboards from a local wrecking yard the Customer decided on the 2005 Honda minivan dash. By using an existing dashboard it solved several engineering, fabrication and timing issues.Link

The result came out to a very compact lightweight display that the end user could mount their
electronics into. The final result of this project is Masterpiece Models was able to create a display that was within the customers budget and very short timeline. We received notice from the customer that the display was well received and their show was very successful.

The next time your company has a need for a fast turn around advertising display please consider Masterpiece Models for all of your exhibit needs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Aircraft Carrier for the Quatar Museum Authority

Last April the Artist Khalil Rabah Commissioned Masterpiece Models to fabricate an 11' long version of a Nimitz Class aircraft Carrier. His vision was to turn an aircraft carrier into a farm that produces Strawberry's and tomatoes representing his country's farming plight. It was an interesting project that brought several interpretative and cultural obstacles that had be solved.
At masterpiece Models we were able to bridge the language barrier and provide the customer with the realization of his artistic vision.

According to the Palestinian Museum of Natural History
"Model of a military aircraft carrier transformed into a farm and factory for tomato-paste and strawberry jam. The shape of the carrier resembles that of the Gaza strip, where restrictions apply to the export of local-grown tomatoes and strawberries. A huge oil painting depicting an advertisement for this ship-turned-factory hangs in the background. On supermarket shelves, jam-jars and tomato-paste cans are on display for the viewer to take"

This model took approximately 90 working days to build out of formed styrene plastic and cast resin. Our creative team was able to create this masterpiece within the budget and timeline set forth by the client.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

International space Station for the Kansas Cosmosphere

in Early 2011 we were contracted by the Kansas cosmosphere to fabricate a 1/48th scale replica of the International space Station this was an interesting build due to the fact the Space Station is ever changing. The final model was almost 9' across it now hangs proudly in their Museum.