Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Mini Castle for the National Park Service

Our friends at Formations asked Masterpiece Models to create a scale replica of Castle Williams as it looked when it was completed in 1811. This is for a larger exhibit at the Governors Island national Park. The model was created using historical data and images of the fort as it looks today. Since the model was largely round our team was able to make sections of which were sent to our Casting Department to be cast out of a urethane resin. This model will be sitting outside for most of the summer months and will be be tactile, so it had to be made to take abuse from the sun and people. Overall this project came out beautifully and our customer is very pleased with the outcome. We would like to give special thanks to Rick Lawler, Ric Keen and Bruce Bowman for their craftsmanship on this project, and of course our casting team that spent hours and hours casting up the parts of this magnificent replica.

Castle Williams Governors Island National Park